Beachgrass is Ammophilia Brevilugata Fern. It is also known as Cape American Beachgrass. It is widely used to controll erosion on dunes. Sand dunes are usually the last line of defense against the ocean during a storm. The longer the sand dune lasts the less damage there is behind the dune.

Beach grass's long root system holds the dune together while the grass tops constantly collect windblown sand. Beachgrass is also very useful in landscape areas of beach properties.

Cape Farms, Inc. is a small family business specializing in growing Cape American Beachgrass. We've been growing beachgrass since 1975 and have the best grass on the East Coast. Our grass is grown in sandy Sussex County, Delaware soil a few miles from the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay. We will soon be selling other erosion control plants.

Our crop is grown from USDA certified stock. Carefully cultivated to be healthy and weed free, it is inspected by the delaware Department of Agriculture and certified in Delaware. We have supplied orders of all sizes from Maine to the South Carolina border to satisfied homeowners, landscapers, townships and state and government agencies since 1975. We sell wholesale on large quantities and retail for small orders. Small orders are shipped UPS ground. Large orders we deliver personally. We are centrally located on the Atlantic Coast midway between Cape Cod and Cape Hatteres. Our plants do well shipped in either direction.

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